Zarco 66 Pumping Out Foursquare Deals

by Justin on June 28, 2011

TIME FOR A SMOOTHIE! That’s what you may hear over the speakers at Zarco 66 when you go fill up your gas tank at five o’clock in the morning. You’ll be going there that early in the day because if you are one of the first five people to check in to a Zarco 66 on Foursquare, you will get ten cents off per gallon of gas that you purchase.  

Not many better ways to entice customers to your gas station than giving discounts on an expensive necessity like gas. There are five Zarco locations offering the special, three of them in Lawrence.

The Facebook page mentions that there will be other daily specials. While you’re on that page, it looks like you can also sign up for a free sub sandwich or coffee for your birthday. 

The great idea about having a Foursquare check-in special is the user has to enter the store to redeem the special. Therefore that customer may be inclined to make another purchase, like a smoothie. A great use of Foursquare to generate business and get people in the door.

So set your alarm and wake up early. Try not to commit any traffic violations in getting there quickly though. You wouldn’t want to get a ticket that would negate any discounts you might get.

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