Why does Facebook hate us?

by Justin on May 20, 2010

Facebook just announced another major change yesterday: limiting landing tabs to “authenticated pages”.  This means that a “page must have greater than 10,000 fans or the Page admin must work with their ads account manager” to be “authentic”.  That landing tab acted as an introduction to the Facebook user.  This introduction is important to pique one’s interest and help that person quickly understand what the business is about.  This is a pretty big blow to small businesses that used a customized landing tab to gain fans (I guess we call them “likes” now?).

This is on top of what is happening with the new “Community Pages“.  These new pages are making it confusing for a user to differentiate between an Official Fan page and a Community page.  A business can’t control their brand as much if people are landing on these Community pages and sharing information.  Businesses are not able to interact with their customers if they aren’t coming to the Official page of that business.
Of course, we cannot forget the massive backlash over privacy issues.  So, now the employees are disagreeing with Zuckerberg and many users are threatening to quit Facebook altogether.  Movements like QuitFacebookDay.com are popping up on the web.  Facebook is losing the trust of its users.

Basically, Facebook has found a way to upset everybody that uses Facebook, right?  The business side of Facebook is losing control of its brand and the user side is losing control of its privacy.  All of us know that Facebook wants to generate revenue but this doesn’t seem like a smart business strategy.  Facebook is doing nothing but hurting itself.  I guess I should have titled this “Why does Facebook hate itself?”

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