What’s new in 2009? Feedback 3.0

by cinta5 on December 2, 2008

Trendwatching.com has a list of half a dozen consumer trends in 2009.  One of them making the list is Feedback 3.0.  The company that I work for is just now talking about getting into the game.  Of course, it had been suggested over a year and a half ago that they have product reviews and allow their customers to rate products but they were afraid of them saying something negative.  Which is where being transparent is important.

Anyways, I enjoyed how they broke down Feedback 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0…

  • FEEDBACK 1.0 (one of those early web phenomena) saw outraged individuals posting scathing reviews, feedback and complaints, often to the delight of other netizens. Brands remained unaware or chose not to listen, dismissing these outbursts the way they’d dismissed any kind of customer dissatisfaction for decades.
  • FEEDBACK 2.0 (which we’re in right now) is about these rants—and some raves—having gone ‘mass’(no, make that MASS!). The long-predicted conversation is finally taking place, albeit amongst consumers and not, as intended, between corporations and consumers. Companies have started to take note, but to a large degree still choose to listen, not talk back, trying to ‘learn’ from the for-all-to-see review revolution. Which is surprising, to say the least, since a quick and honest reply or solution can defuse even the most damaging complaint.
  • FEEDBACK 3.0 (which is building as we speak) will be all about companies joining the conversation, if only to get their side of the story in front of the mass audience that now scans reviews. Expect smart companies to be increasingly able (and to increasingly demand) to post their apologies and solutions, preferably directly alongside reviews from unhappy customers. Expect the same for candid rebuttals by companies who feel (and can prove) that a particular review is unfair or inaccurate, and want to share their side of the story.

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