VaynerMedia Proves the Power of Geolocation Marketing

by cinta5 on April 21, 2010

Just read an awesome case study by VaynerMedia about a campaign they facilitated between the New Jersey Nets and Gowalla.  As explained on VaynerMedia’s blog, “Through the campaign [they] distributed 250 pairs of tickets as Gowalla virtual items in targeted locations (sports bars, outdoor parks, gyms) for the New Jersey Nets v. Charlotte Bobcats basketball game on April 12th. Users that found these virtual tickets were able to redeem them for actual Nets tickets at the arena’s box office.”

No surprise that the Nets got creative with their marketing seeing as how they’re the worst team in the league. Which, by the way, is what made this campaign that much more difficult to execute.  What type of outcome would VaynerMedia see with this experiment for a game that took place on a Monday night…with a team that has only 12 wins…at the the Izod Center?

Welp, I’d say the outcome was pretty darn good.  15.2% of Gowalla winners attended the game.  Seats that were going to be empty were filled and brand loyalty between the Nets and their fans increased. A win-win for everyone involved.

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