Twitter Updates Disabled in Uncharted 2

by Jesse on October 14, 2009

Ok, so I went out and bought the new PS3 Game, Uncharted 2 today. I was excited to try out the built in Twitter functionality that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Well, I popped it in and set up everything including my Twitter credentials and proceeded to tear into it. The game is excellent but I guess that’s not really what I’m supposed to be talking about, the thing is that the Twitter functionality is broken. I double checked everything several times but no matter what it wasn’t updating. So I did some searching and found that Naughty Dog, the games developer, pulled the functionality from the game after hearing that the frequency of tweets was way too high. That point right there was my main concern when I first heard that they would be integrating auto updates. Adding social media functionality to new mediums is essential for the platforms to continue to grow and I fully support it, but at the same time you have to be responsible to your users and their experiences at the same time. There are a ton of services already that succeed in being particularly annoying, auto DM’s come to mind, we don’t need more.

Now, Naughty Dog says that they’re going to patch the feature back into the game and they’re tweaking the update frequency to be less intrusive. I appreciate their innovation and look forward to testing and telling you about the the functionality when it goes live. I have a feeling you’ll all let me know if my status updates from the game get to be too annoying.

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