Tweetpeats: When Twitter Meets Television

by Justin on September 3, 2009

I love television.  I also love Twitter.  So, why not combine the two?  TwitterVision?  FOX Broadcasting Company is ready to utilize the social media platform with its new programming, Tweet-peats.

Tonight, you can watch a repeat episode of Fringe and tomorrow night a repeat of Glee will air.  While watching you can interact, via Twitter, with actors, directors and producers of the shows.  Viewers will be able to see commentary, in the form of tweets, from the cast and crew of the show on a lower third portion of the television.  Fans can submit questions(tweets) in real-time.  This almost sounds like popping in a DVD with commentary and conversing with it.

Another interesting aspect of this venture is that FOX is not using its own website for the exchange between audience and the show.  Last year ESPN began airing one sporting event during the week that allowed viewers to interact.  The viewer comments, after being filtered, would be displayed on the screen.  However, you had to be an ESPN member to share your opinion.  With Tweet-peats, FOX is not asking you to become a member of any website or group affiliated with the network.  All you need is your television and a Twitter account.

As Kevin McDonough notes, this concept of making audience members of a show feel connected to that show isn’t new.  This can be dated back to Little Orphan Annie and the secret decoder ring.  FOX is simply taking this idea to another level.  Hopefully one of the actors from Fringe won’t tell us to drink our Ovaltine…poor Ralphie.


@ reply these people to be included in Tweetpeats

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