Trump vs Clinton: Social Media Battle

by cinta5 on September 29, 2016



Anyone can tell you, this election has been unlike any other. From the beginning we all knew things would be interesting with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the mix. Now, these two are the finalists for the presidential candidacy and their teams are pulling out all the stops to help voters make their choice. Both candidates have jumped on the social media bandwagon to reach as many voters as possible.

Facebook has over 1.7 billion monthly users, making it prime real estate for presidential candidates to speak their mind and encourage everyone to vote. Both candidates use other channels as well, including Twitter, and have developed an individual approach to engaging with their voters on social media.

Hillary has kept her posts, tweets, and pictures fairly self-promotional while Trump has invested in quite a few anti-Hillary posts and videos, making it less about his plans and more about why not to vote for Hillary. Both tactics could understandably have the desired effect but we will have to wait until November to see the results.

Hillary has several unique approaches. She posted a link to a “college calculator” so you can see how much you would save on student debt if she were to be elected President and her policies were to go through. She has also created a separate Facebook page for certain states, “Hillary for Maine” and “Hillary for New Hampshire”. Each page has state-specific cover photos and logos. The most impartial social media move from camp Clinton is promoting the site sponsored by the Democratic National Committee encouraging people to vote – just vote. “In this election, no one can sit on the sidelines. Register to vote.” Smart move Hillary, smart move.

As for Trump, his unique approach comes in the form of his own culture among his followers. He has created this by using consistencies like calling his candidacy the MOVEMENT and lobbying for “hardworking Americans” – which is essentially everyone. In an effort to hit home for all voters Trump’s slogan has shifted to include “Make America safe again.” Which, no doubt, appeals to the masses. Social media for Trump is all about thanking his supporters, showing why Hillary is not a good choice, and promoting America’s safety and greatness. Trump places more of an emphasis on Twitter with over 33 thousand tweets, while Clinton has just fewer than 8,500 tweets.

Based on polls of the first presidential debate it would seem that their efforts to inspire support has worked fairly well, seeing as how different media outlets have reported both candidates won. It all depends on who you ask, but for now, follow, tweet, and snap your favorite candidate and hang on ‘til November.

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