Random: Jordan Alec Baby B’s Bracket

by cinta5 on March 19, 2010

So my 5-year-old nephew (the little guy on the left in the pic above) is doing pretty well so far in the NCAA tournament on ESPN.com’s contest and is currently on the front page of the LEADERBOARD.

He was tied for 1st place until Montana lost so now he’s tied for 57th with a bunch of other people.  To give you some perspective, my bracket is ranked 2,947,313 on ESPN.com’s contest. Turrrible.

As for his bracket name…. His name is Jordan, middle name Alec.  My dog’s name is Briscoe. My friend Kacie would call Briscoe, Baby B. I liked it and would call Briscoe that now and then. Last week Jordan decided he liked it and wanted his name to be Jordan Alec Baby B.  I asked him yesterday if his last name was Langford and he said, “No. It’s Baby B.” And that’s that.

Here’s his bracket: http://games.espn.go.com/tcmen/en/entry?entryID=5238513

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