Integrating Social Media in Email Marketing Campaigns

by Meghan on July 9, 2009

Online marketers are increasingly seeing the benefits of integrating social media into their e-mail marketing campaigns, a recent study by StrongMail Systems Inc. demonstrates.

According to the June 2009 survey of over 500 marketers, 66% of respondents were planning to integrate their email marketing campaigns and social media sometime in 2009, and 48% of respondents have already formulated a strategy for linking the two channels.

Although marketers are beginning to understand the importance of incorporating social media into email marketing efforts, more than 55% of those surveyed indicated that one of their biggest challenges was how to determine the success of these strategies. Respondents also mentioned that they were having trouble with establishing business goals for such a campaign.

Some companies, such as Urban Outfitters, are already effectively synchronizing social media and email marketing campaigns. A recent email from Urban Outfitters reminded customers of an online exclusive discount to get an extra 15% off their purchase. The bottom of the email included easy links for customers to post this online discount to their friends on Facebook, Myspace, Digg, and Twitter.
With the integration of social media, companies like Urban Outfitters are able to reach a wider audience, but also can easily utilize the original email recipient as a natural and more realistic messenger or a brand ambassador; spreading the business’ intended message to friends, friends-of-friends, and in effect, creating a natural word of mouth campaign.

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