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by cinta5 on October 2, 2009

Wave Tips and Tricks was started by Sam Davyson

Find the wave here

The first 7 tips posted are below:

1. Mark read waves as read.

This keeps your inbox clearer and makes updated waves stand out. If you tab through a whole wave stopping at each blip – it will mark it as read automatically but more often than not you just use the scroll bar and glance down. When you’ve read the wave, click “Mark as Read” in the toolbar above.

2. SHIFT + ENTER is a great keyboard shortcut.

This will either start a reply if you are reading a wave or submit your reply (like pressing done) if you are typing your reply.

3. CTRL + E for editing.

This is CTRL + E on OS X too (not CMD).

4. Making a wave public.

Add “” to the wave to make a wave public. Current bugs means this contact constantly deletes itself.

5. Linking to another wave.

The easiest way to link to another wave is to drag it from the main waves pane. Eg. Here’s a wave about Embedding a Wave.

6. CTRL – CLICK to open a wave while keeping the current one open

On OS X you need to use CMD for this to avoid the dropdown menu appearing.

7. Windows can be minimised, and maximised and restored

Another method of having multiple waves open is to minimise one, open another and restore the original. If you minimise the wave list you can have two waves side by side.


To add Twitter (via

1. Add to contacts.

2. Click on Tweety the Twitbot

3. Click New Wave

4. Make sure pop ups are allowed and add your Twitter credentials.

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