Google Voice and GrandCentral Great for Small Businesses

by cinta5 on March 23, 2009

I signed up for GrandCentral last summer before they stopped accepting new accounts. I didn’t have any need for it at the time but I felt it was a pretty awesome application and it sparked my interest.

Jesse and I now use it for LangfordSevier. When a client calls it rings both of our phones displaying the GrandCentral number. If we miss the call our GrandCentral voicemail picks up, the caller leaves a message and then we receive an email with a link to listen to the voicemail on the GrandCentral site. Pretty awesome and very organized.

By integrating with Google Voice it now allows conference calling which for the time being allows up to 4 people on a call, voicemail transcription, and the ability to record calls and store them online.

This allows us to have a business number without having to buy new phones and deal with monthly payments.  I highly recommend it for small businesses!

Google Voice

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