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by cinta5 on December 5, 2008

Webmasters looking to add social features to their websites can now do so with Google’s Friend Connect. Once it’s set up on your site, users can log in using their Google, AOL, Yahoo, or OpenID account…no need to create another username and password. Currently it only offers a few “gadgets” but I’m sure it will be rolling out more down the road. It will be intersting to see if it takes much market share from Ning which is a finished product for end users.

As a matter of fact, Ning’s co-founder Marc Andresseen said in a blog post last May “First, I’m very happy to say that Ning will be rolling out our formal production support for Open Social in June.

In case you missed the news at the time, Open Social is a standard way, sponsored by Google, to build new features (“gadgets”) and/or plug those features into social networks all over the web, including social networks on Ning.”

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