Facebook Lite or Facebook Throwback?

by Jesse on August 12, 2009

I’ve seen several articles posted today about Facebook testing a new version of it’s service, Facebook Lite. It appears that Facebook is looking right at Twitter with this version which is centered around status updates and very little else. Many users have complained for the past two years that Facebook has lost sight of what they began as, an easy way to keep track of your friends and what they’re up to. I was one of these users, with the large number of applications and quizzes that vie for your attention and fill up your inbox it’s easy to get distracted from what you’re really there to do, interact with your friends.

Rather than look at this alternative version of Facebook as a ripoff of Twitter I look at it as Facebook getting back to it’s roots. I know that I’ll be much more active on the service if I get less of the crap and more of what I want, good interactions with friends. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before they start rolling out “new features” to Facebook Lite and this whole cycle will start over again.

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