Business Spotlight: The Sandbar

by cinta5 on April 27, 2009

The Sandbar is a bar in beautiful downtown Lawrence, KS that offers tasty drinks, like the Bahama Mama or Shark Attack, in an atmosphere that makes you think you’re in Key West. It even throws in an occasional simulated hurricane so you get the full effect.

So, what’s it doing with social media?
First of all, they’re on Twitter. Sandbar on Twitter
It’s tweets consist of daily updates of drink specials, what bartenders are on duty, and an occasional link to their webcam. If you’re in the bar and TwitPic a picture, there is a good chance the Sandbar will retweet your tweet. You follow? 🙂
What’s great about their use of Twitter is they interact with other twitterers.

They’re also on Facebook! Sandbar on Facebook
1400 fans and counting. They recently asked their fans if they should carry Guinesses’ new anniversary brew. They also have a Facebook app that lets you send Sandbar toys and gifts to your friends. Just other examples of the Sandbar interacting with customers and not just creating social media and letting it sit.

Grade: A

They have a blog, webcam, and official website.  They could probably use a website upgrade with a site that wasn’t made for a screen size of 800 x 600 and some better SEO.  Overall, very well done!

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