Social Media Blog Regurgitation

by Justin on August 29, 2010

I’ve struggled lately coming up with blog posts.  I feel like we’ve read it all before. There are so many social media blogs out there, I think it’s hard to differentiate one from the other. How many blogs just seem to regurgitate the same things about social media? Do I really need to write one more? There has to be some ways around this problem.

I understand that there is a need for us to talk about the common issues (Twitter etiquette, Foursquare marketing, Facebook pages) on here because people need to know LangfordMedia addresses these needs in the social media marketplace. However, I think social media blogs can be redundant. I don’t want this one to be just another redundancy.*

I don’t want to simply rehash a post from Mashable and call it good. I’ve tried to create a mix of talking about the major social media platforms and connecting it to something about me or my community.  Such as, finding a local business that is using social media to evolve its business strategy.  Perhaps a local bar is offering a Foursquare special.  I think every post needs something to make it feel real and unique.

A social media blog is going to speak about Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare a lot, obviously, but there needs to be a connection to something that makes the post yours.  A blog needs its own identity.  I’m not necessarily saying that I’ve accomplished this goal with everything that I have written because I know that I haven’t.  I will continue to strive to because we don’t want to be camouflaged in the vast land of social media.

Any thoughts on how to differentiate your blog from all the others?

*Redundancies always make me think of the British version of The Office:

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