Big East: Goodbye Reese’s, Hello Twitter?

by Justin on March 10, 2011

On Tuesday night the Big East Men’s Basketball Championship began. This is a five day tournament played in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Usually the court is adorned with the Big East Conference logo, the tournament logo and some advertising logos (and if you see an advertising logo on a basketball court, more than likely it will be for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups). However, I noticed something else on the court while watching the games on television Tuesday night. The conference decided to paint the name of the Big East Basketball Twitter account on the sideline near both team’s benches. The name was highly visible, aside from the coaches and players walking all over it.

Every NCAA sports conference, at least every major one that I know of, has a Twitter account so that is nothing new. Being a Kansas Jayhawk basketball fan, I follow the Big 12 Conference on Twitter. However, I had never seen a conference promote it’s Twitter page by putting it on the basketball court at its biggest venue. Naturally, I decided to check out this Big East basketball twitter page because I assumed it would provide some in-game statistics, photos and just general updates of the atmosphere in the building. Instead, the tweets were simply giving links to a recap from a game that just ended and a retweet of someone else claiming the Big East to be the greatest conference of all time.*

I was disappointed in seeing this because I thought there would be some great content since the conference was promoting it during the games. If you look at the Big 12 Conference’s Twitter you can see that they provide constant updates of scores, statistics, photos and even correspond with some questions. I would think that if I’m going to be directed to a social media site that I would see something that would make me pay attention. Also, the Big East decided to share a link on the Twitter page that leads to nowhere….

*Those people who follow me on Twitter are probably aware that I have more feelings about the Big East that I could share but this blog is not for me to share those feelings about their foulfests, I mean games. However, it does have the most exciting conference tournament from start to finish.

UPDATE:  The Big East Twitter account had a much different feel for Wednesday night’s games. A guest twitterer, Amanda Balionis, took the reins and made things look much better. She gave score updates, statistics and tried to create some fan interaction. In general, she simply brought some life to the account.

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