A portrait of Gen Y Mom’s for Marketers

by cinta5 on October 13, 2008

Jennifer Jones from Speak Media Blog and David Griner from the Social Path wrote some great posts on the fastest growing consumer segment: The Gen Y Mom’s.

A few highlights from Jennifer’s post:

The Numbers: Gen Y has roughly 80 million members. The leading edge of this generation has begun turning 30 this year and approximately 9 million are already moms.

The Attitude: Gen Y moms also grew up in an era of teamwork (versus individuality/do-it-myself for Gen Xers). They have very strong relationships with their mothers, many of whom are Boomers, and these Boomers moms will likely play a big role in helping Gen Y mom raise her children (an appreciated team approach). Boomer mom will be a highly trusted source of not only child-raising information, but also brand/product/service information.

The Pendulum Factor: These emerging moms are exhibiting a return to traditional values exhibited by the Mature generation (who are Gen Y’s grandparents and many call The Greatest Generation). As teenagers and young adults, volunteerism, philanthropy and religion have all played a big role in their lives and impacted their thinking on everything from work to politics to family life. They are very in tune with not just local issues, but global issues that relate to the wellness of others and the planet. Another similarity to the Greatest Generation has been found in several studies with Gen Y females. These studies have found a desire for having more children and starting to raise their families at a younger age than Boomers or Xers did. This will lead Gen Y to be a powerful mom force for several decades.

The Marketing: This is the most marketing-savvy generation ever seen. This coupled with their mastery and reliance on the Internet for word-of-mouth information from moms in their social-networking circles, will leave traditional marketers with a very challenging proposition for creating brand connections.

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